Makes One Think…

Tom's baby picture

Always looking up!

I enjoyed another birthday a week ago. One thing I’ve learned as I age is to be grateful for everything, and birthdays are no exception. Every birthday should be celebrated! Yet, too often, people aren’t  always happy about another passing year.

Enduring pain or unpleasantness isn’t joyful. I won’t belittle its challenge. But remembering that all challenges in life are a chance to learn and grow, helps to ease the pain. It seems birthdays give us time to reflect, though  we often don’t like what we see.

If it’s a physical pain that makes your days harder than they should ever be, you should find the cause. Medical doctors can help with the symptoms, but the causes often go unchecked. (Long Life League has experts that may help. Contact us.)

Emotional pains are issues that may be harder to deal with. Therapy may be in order. Sometimes good nutrition and eating habits can help one think clearer. And getting ample sleep daily is very important. (I know, sleep can be harder when you’re kept awake by all the “noise” going on in your mind.)

Having gratitude for little things in life tends to invite more things to be grateful for into our lives. It’s funny how that works…but it does work. I started out slowly a few years back being thankful for little things. Today I’m happier! Because I’ve learned to be grateful for all things in life, “good” or “bad”.

All of life is a miracle! If it currently doesn’t seem that way to you, please keep faith that you can learn how it is. Life is for learning, and it just might be the next book or blog post you read that will help you see just a little clearer.

I don’t have all the answers. I’ve been unhappy and unhealthy in my life. But every passing year gives me time to reflect on how I’ve grown, how I’ve learned some things that I didn’t know a year ago. It’s a wonderful thing really, to grow the brain, keep it “plastic”, more youthful.

You, too, can get excited about life. Long life! I just turned 58, and God willing, I’ve still got over half my life ahead of me. So much to do! So much to learn! (And you can bet I’ll be relaxing a good portion of all that doing!) Won’t you join me?

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