gratitude for health

Gratitude in a sunset.

Thank you God! …or Source Energy…or Infinite Intelligence…or Spirit…call it what you like, for when you’re thankful, you are giving thanks to the energy that creates Life. And attracts abundance.

Want to feel better about your life? Start by being thankful. Want more energy, enthusiasm, optimism? Be grateful. Want more joy in your life? Clearer thinking? Less stress? Then thank your higher power. It really is that simple.

There’s a science of gratitude, of saying “thank you”, and the positive influence that it has on our lives. Though gratitude has benefited mankind through all the ages, recent research has proven that being grateful gives people-

  • stronger immune systems
  • fewer illnesses
  • longer lives
  • a more positive outlook
  • more appreciation
  • more compassion

The proof is overwhelming. Distinguished doctors and scientists from around the world have studied the benefits of gratitude. Try this simple test. Take a moment and think about something you’re grateful for. Are you smiling? Thought so. Think of someone you love. Smiling again? Good. Love and gratitude are two sides of the same coin. They go hand-in-hand. When we love, we’re being grateful.

It’s so easy to be ungrateful. Anyone can do it. But ingratitude is a weak, negative energy, so don’t go there. Becoming grateful for anything and everything takes practice. And practice makes progress. It’s something we need to work on daily.

I cut my arm while working the other day, and except for the conditioned “ouch”, I silently thanked God for the reminder to be more careful, that it wasn’t any worse, and that the miracle that is my body, instantly began to heal itself. Thank you God!

Get in the habit and make it simple. Start a gratitude journal and add at least three things every day that you’re grateful for. Before too long, being aware of the multitude of goodness in your life will become second nature. It’ll become a fantastic, healthy, habit!

And when life throws you a challenge, you’ll be able to look for the silver lining. I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote- “There is no stress in the world, only people thinking stressful thoughts.” With practice you’ll become less stressed; maybe even stress free!

I’m thankful for the bed I sleep in and the roof over my head. The shoes on my feet (that walk without me even thinking about them!). My hands that are able to type these words. The weather, regardless of what it is on any given day. My family and friends. These are the tangible kinds of things that we all can be daily grateful for.

Then there are the intangible gifts. Our lives – past, present, and future. Our problems and challenges (that allow us to learn lessons). The unkind, unfriendly people in our lives (that teach us forgiveness and acceptance). That we can think and feel as we choose. Our conscious and subconscious minds. The very fantastic fact of being alive! These gifts may take more practice to be grateful for. But remember, practice makes progress.

I’m learning every day to take everything less for granted. And appreciating all in my life. And I thank you, my friend, for reading this message. Enjoy!