FDI Financial Wellness Pak

Long Life League is all about deliberate good health and abundance! In addition to helping you create abundance, it’s important to manage it effectively. In 2011, Financial Destination, Inc. (FDI), joined forces with Youngevity and brought their Financial Wellness Pak. It is a boon for our customers and associates.

For a flat monthly fee, we have access to the following 5 products-

  • MoneyTRAX – Unlimited Financial Advice on Demand
  • EquityTRAX – Live a Debt-Free Lifestyle
  • CreditTRAX – Maximize Your Credit Score
  • WealthTRAX – Your Retirement Solution
  • LegalTRAX – Legal Advice on Demand

The FDI Financial Wellness Pak is unlike any other financial service available. While other companies may offer services that sound like these, the FDI Financial Wellness Pak not only helps you to REMOVE debt, but also gives you the plan to become a Debt-Free Millionaire! Click on the logo below to learn more.

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