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To do well in all areas of your life, you simply must make your health a priority. Without good health, everything else in life suffers.  I highly recommend this Long Life League site because Bill and Tom bring such an incredible amount of knowledge and lay it out for us in well documented and easy to understand modules. The courses take us on a proven path to extend our years by maximizing our health to the fullest. Priceless!!



After the Covid epidemic forced me to telecommute with work, I’ve become even more interested in the well-being of our two grade school-aged children. I’ve learned much with the “Living An Organic Life” course and have joyfully applied it to our family life. Having a robust immunity system is so important these days. The variety of resources provided with the course suits me fine, too, without getting too overwhelmed by too much information. I am looking forward to the next course, “Eating Clean for Healthy Weight Management”!

Cassie Nelson, Forest Lake, MN

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