5 Ways Choosing Whole Foods Provides For Your Overall Health

By William Hildebrand

There are of course more than 5 ways choosing whole foods provides for your overall health but we decided that talking about some real basic issues that many people face was the best plan.

If you’re searching for an approach to remain healthy, reduce the liability of enduring some serious diseases, and slow down the progression of aging, then you really should eat more whole foods. Whole foods are the foods closest to their natural state, which indicates that they feature many more nutrients than processed foods. Obviously, it’s really hard to make your diet include whole foods only, but you really should make the effort to make them the greater part of the food you consume.

Whole foods could be unprocessed vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, seafood, fish, eggs, red meat, and poultry. These days, lots of people recognize that whole foods are healthier, but don’t want to spend excessive money on them, since they are slightly more expensive.

Even so, just take a minute to contemplate how health is important and if you honestly need to have all the processed snacks and sweets that you invest in regularly. It’s a far better strategy to just visit your local farmers’ market and buy the nutrient-packed whole foods. In case you need to be encouraged to begin eating whole foods, here are 5 ways they contribute to your well-being.

Choosing Whole Foods Provides For Your Overall Health

Lower Risk Of Diabetes

According to Mercola.com, a diet that consists of a great deal of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits dramatically reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In the event you are presently struggling with this disease, recognize that you too will feel far better if you adhere to a diet based upon whole foods.

A Stop To Nutrient Shortages

WebMD notes that a survey about eating practices was done by the United States Department of Agriculture, and the end results they uncovered were alarming. A huge amount of individuals didn’t have proper nutrient intake. In fact, 92-97% of the population that took part in the survey didn’t ingest enough potassium and fiber, while a third of the folks didn’t take in a sufficient level of vitamin C. However, these nutrients help in reducing the risk of some serious diseases and are very important for your long-term health. So, what should folks do when they basically don’t get sufficient nutrients from the food they eat? Start eating whole foods. Each one of these nutrient deficiencies can be fixed by sticking to a diet loaded with healthy, whole foods.

fruits and vegetables



A lot of whole plant-based foods are remarkably rich in fiber, while refined and prepackaged food aren’t. Fiber is a very vital nutrient that strengthens your health in numerous ways. For example, it helps you fight diabetes, heart disease, it helps you feel full faster, and it keeps the GI tract moving. Whole foods are a far better way to improve your fiber intake because they provide both kinds of it (insoluble and soluble). Eating foods that are plentiful in fiber will also help regulate your weight, blood fats, and blood sugar.

Weight Management

If you intend to keep your weight under control, but don’t feel like going on some drastic diet, then you’ll be delighted to hear that eating whole foods improves healthy weight management, particularly if you choose to eat primarily whole vegetables and fruits. These foods consist of very minimal calories, so you won’t have to stress about counting them.

More Energy

There is a basic explanation why whole foods will supply you with additional energy. Whenever you eat something, your body needs to break down that food. However, processed foods are very tough to break down, so a lot of the energy they have to offer will essentially go into the process of breaking it down. Meanwhile, it’s not a problem for your body to digest whole foods, so you will be left with a lot of unused energy.

As we age we start to lose muscle and gain more fat, so it is even more important to eat whole foods which help contribute to building muscle and not adding fat to your body. If you would like to learn a little more about this, click on this link for and article titled Raise Your Metabolism To Remain Looking Young.

Final Idea: Provide Healthy Fish And Seafood Dishes To Your Diet

The scrumptious goodies that come from deep waters generate a number of benefits. Here is why you ought to add seafood goodies to your diet. The omega -3 fatty acids in cold water fish, especially salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel and herring lessen risks of heart disease, including stroke and/or heart attack. You can get these from fish oil capsules on the market today but why not get it right from actual seafood?

Nutrients in fish and seafood help safeguard your skin against the adverse effects of ultra violet rays. Fish oil also helps in reducing acne breakouts. Ingesting fish helps boost fetal growth and development and may reduce chances of delivering prematurely. Shrimp is very low in calories. In fact, 6 large grilled or steamed shrimp have only 155 calories and about 20 grams of protein! There are several seafood choices to choose from. Whichever you desire, you will reap all the fishy goodness from it.

salmon ad shrimp

Final Considerations About 5 Ways Choosing Whole Foods Provides for Your Overall Health

Think about what you are eating on a daily basis and that a whole food diet is your finest likelihood for living a much longer and healthier life. One of the keys to being able to sustain eating these types of food is figuring our how to use many of them in different and tasty ways. How about putting lots of those veggies, including greens in smoothies. Add just a little bit of fruit to sweeten it up some and enjoy. How about finding recipes for a number of different salad combinations with healthy dressings and nuts. Let your imagination run wide and do some searching for some intriguing recipes and meals.

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