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Take our fun Natural Health Quiz to find out what you know or possibly don't know about natural health subjects. Get your score to see where you are knowledge-wise. No matter what, we can help you achieve better health and wellness. Take the quiz, it's fun. Simply type your first name and email below and click on the Take Quiz button to go right to the quiz.

If you already know that you need help to get your health on track and to achieve that optimal health peak where you gain the freedom to lead a life on your terms without worry, pain, or suffering, then skip the quiz and click on the link below where you can learn all the details about our E-learning Natural Health Membership Program.  The video will give you all the information you need to decide if our program is right for you or not. You have nothing to lose, so click the link below to get all the details.

Click this link to get all the details about the E-Learning Natural Health Membership Program:  Natural Health Membership

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Chicken breast with vegetables meal


Here’s what people are saying about this course membership:


Make Good Health a Priority

To do well in all areas of your life, you simply must make your health a priority. Without good health, everything else in life suffers.  I highly recommend this Long Life League site because Bill and Tom bring such an incredible amount of knowledge and lay it out for us in well documented and easy to understand modules. The courses take us on a proven path to extend our years by maximizing our health to the fullest. Priceless!!

Jesica Langer


A trustworthy source of practical and well-researched information.

With my career in radiology, I have a deep interest in good health and longevity. There is a lot of information online about natural health, and so much of it is misinformation. The Long Life League membership and related courses meet my high expectations as a trustworthy source of practical and well-researched information. And with a son and daughter who are very active in sports, a busy family schedule, and a busy work schedule, I want to make sure we stay active and healthy. I know I’ll use all the information I’ve learned and continue to learn with Long Life League Courses to keep our immune systems strong and vibrant! 

Susan Scheel


I am very glad I found this natural health membership!

I have been a Premium Member for the past couple of months and feel like I have learned so much about living a better life for me and my family.  I love the fact that the Toxin modules give alternatives in case we don’t have the ability to change that area of our life.  It can take a lot of time searching and reading things we want to educate ourselves on but one thing I enjoy about these modules is they get right to the point and don’t waste your time.   I am very glad I found this membership!

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the E-learning Natural Health Membership!

First of all, you will learn that Natural Health methods and techniques have many benefits over today's traditional medicine practices. Natural health looks for the causes of your health problems and then uses natural methods such as healthy food, proper exercise, meditation and/or other proven methods to remedy the health issue rather than just treat symptoms. The video at the link above and below will give you much more specific information so I encourage you to click on one of those links and find out for yourself how you can obtain optimal health and save money and time also.

Long Life League

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