Don’t Be Misled By These 6 Foods

By William Hildebrand

Many foods today are advertised as healthy and good for you but don’t be misled by these 6 foods.

1. Fruit Juice

Sipping a glass of orange juice to obtain your fruit quota? Think again. Many fruit juices have practically no actual fruit juice! Look at the labels and you’ll see the amount of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dyes and various junk chemicals are actually in these chemical cocktails.
All of that sugar will promptly spike blood glucose levels, setting you up for a crash. You might not be doing much worse by reaching for a soda. That’s not a recommendation.

Don't be misled by these 6 foods

Your best choice is to juice your own fruit at home.

2. Wheat

Wheat is one more must-avoid in your diet plan. Even though it says ‘whole wheat’, don’t get misinformed. The majority of people can’t entirely digest current wheat based food products as they need to and a bit too much wheat can set you up for inflammation of the body. In addition, wheat will still increase blood glucose levels, which can make you susceptible for fat buildup and sooner or later, diabetes.

3. Tofu

Tofu is yet another ostensibly healthy food, but I don’t touch it! You shouldn’t either. Today’s tofu items are greatly refined and have added fillers, helping make them just about anything but healthy. What’s even worse, the processing methods used may not completely remove the phytates that impede mineral absorption in the body. This could make you vulnerable for a nutritional deficiency.


4. Jello

Sugar-free Jello may look to be a good choice, right? Wrong. Packaged Jello is very highly processed, has unhealthy dyes and artificial sweeteners. This can stimulate potential sugar cravings. There is absolutely nothing natural about Jello, so it shouldn’t be added to your meal plan.

5. Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are a further food that you want to be on the watch for and toss out of your diet plan. Cereal bars are highly refined and have far too much wheat, white flour, and sugar. All this while lacking the protein your body requires to be fulfilled. Don’t let the fact that they profess to contain “real fruit” let these fool you because often no real fruit is to be identified in these bars. It is quite easy to make your own healthy cereal bars using some of the healthier flour choices and other healthy ingredients that are readily available at most organic food stores.

6. Yogurt

Finally, be careful about utilizing yogurt in your daily diet. Unless you shop for organic selections, there’s a likelihood there can be hormones or antibiotics that have been made use of on the cows that produce the milk in that yogurt that you’re now ingesting. And, if it’s a fruit-flavored yogurt, you’ll also be ingesting a good measure of sugar too. A few of those yogurt assortments can have upwards of 10-20 grams of sugar per serving. If you’re going to have yogurt, select the plain organic Greek variety. I Include some fresh berries for sweetness and taste.

Greek yogurt with berries
The good Greek yogurt

So watch for these foods in your diet plan. They may come off as healthy, but it’s important you don’t let them fool you. This is just a small sampling of foods that many times are advertised as healthy and good for you. But as you can see, there many times are ingredients lurking in these foods that are no only unhealthy, but can contribute to weight gain, allergies, and even some severe diseases. You should try to opt for natural foods whenever possible and try to make sure they are organic as well.

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