Looking After Your Mental and Emotional Health During Difficult Times

By William Hildebrand

Despite the fact that times are indeed quite challenging these days, looking after your mental and emotional health can be done with just a little knowledge.

Saying that times are challenging these days would be a gross understatement. Along with the Covid pandemic, political polarization, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, individuals losing their employment daily and misleading media juggernauts dissociating the people over concerns — let’s just say, times are hectic.

They really are, and lots of people are experiencing it. They’re skeptical, exhausted and in a state of numbness. Their mental and emotional health has taken a whipping.


Depressed man alone

You can fix this issue of mental and emotional health regardless of how insane the world seems to be today.

The favorable news is that you can fix this complication, and retain your sanity in a world that appears to be growing progressively insane by the day. Here’s how you handle it.

Discover Your Triggers

The first step to healing yourself will be to find out what’s getting you down. Are you dissatisfied at work? Is it the news reports? Or is it the constant venomous debates on social media that’s exasperating you? What’s important is to know what’s eating you. In fact, overthinking might be a problem and the very first step is discovering what’s causing your distress.

Keep Away From the Triggers

As easy as this may sound, individuals are not reasonable and neglect to accomplish it. Millions get burnt out monitoring the news which is always polarizing and evoking fear. It would only make sense to cease viewing this drivel. Yet people don’t.

Just like a deer caught in the headlights, they keep consuming the news information put out by the media networks who have shrouded agendas of their own. Therefore, they get more freaked out. It’s a vicious circle that hardly ever ends.
Eliminate ALL triggers that are inciting you to mental and nervous distress.

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Do a Digital Detox

A 3 to 5 day digital detox will do amazing things for your mind and soul. When you don’t watch TV or use your phone, you’ll rapidly be diminishing the extent of stimuli your brain receives and processes. Consequently, you’ll simmer down.

Just Recently, Facebook (Instagram and WhatsApp too) were down for a day. Loads of people reported feeling far better for that day when they couldn’t get access to their social media sites. They got a brief break from all the stimulations.

As opposed to understanding how beneficial this was to their mind and soul, the majority mindlessly came back to social media the very next day when the networks resumed business and commenced discussing why the ‘blackout’ happened.

It certainly never ends. Until you comprehend that less is more here, you’ll be a casualty and be brainwashed by the daily issues the world is jabbering about. Step out of the noise.

Like Max Lucado said, “A man who wants to lead an orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”
Turn your back on the social networking sites crowd and your life will come to be a symphony. Or at least, it won’t become a nerve-racking cacophony of social media talking points.

Avoid Stimulants

Even though your morning coffee is fine, you’ll want to keep away from energy drinks and other stimulants to keep you going through the day. Caffeine reliance is a very real problem. It creates anxiety and when you’re not loaded up with caffeine, you feel lost. Over and above that, any alertness you obtain from caffeine is transient, but it generally results in you feeling worse after the benefits stop.
Considering that the half-life of caffeine is about 5 hours, many individuals still have caffeine in their system when its bedtime. As a result, they can’t sleep well and wake up unsteady and stressed out. Avoid caffeine after 1 PM.

cup of coffee

Stay Healthy

All of us discover what we need to complete here. Eat clean and in moderation and exercise 4 to 5 times a week. It’s so easy in strategy but so tough in practice. A really good diet and consistent physical exertion are 2 of the most ideal forms of self-care any human being can embark on. Want to feel better mentally and emotionally? Then look after your body well.

Control Your Fear

However unpleasant matters may be, fear does not help anybody. Like author, Robin Sharma says, “Being scared is part of being alive. Accept it. Walk through it.”

Fear of death. Fear of Covid. Fear of what some people may think about you. Fear of being without a job. Fear, fear and more fear.
Don’t let fear manage your life. Instruct yourself that you’re resilient and will get through anything. You’ve come this far, haven’t you?
Well, you have what it requires to persist. Focus on your goals and where you wish to go, not on fear.


Massages, yoga, aromatherapy, walks in the park, enjoying a comedy, heading to the zoo or a funfair, etc. are all forms of stress release.
What matters here is that you do what works for you. Crack the dullness in your life. Do anything fun. Very oftentimes, people get tangled in a tedious pattern of work and mind-numbing activities which include reality TV. To learn more about how to handle and deal with stress and anxiety, take a look at this post also on our site.  Relieve Anxiety and Stress

What you truly need is a variance in your daily quality of life. Anything that takes you away from your usual routine and helps you break through the grey fog of inertia and unhappiness. Doing something that’s fun and not what you normally do will be akin to letting rays of sunlight break through the dark clouds in your life. You’ll get a ‘breather’ and be equipped to shift your mental state. This is valuable.


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Support Others

The author, Robert Ingersoll, once wrote, “We rise by lifting others.”
An excellent quote with an eternal truth. When you help somebody else, you will feel far better.

You’ll believe you’re making a difference in the world, and your responses just might make another person believe in the kindness of people. This opinion is in short supply in todays times.

If at all possible, you’ll want a hands-on method such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or even a pet shelter. Doing good deeds make you feel good. Getting a homeless person a meal will not only help them, but will make you feel much better than giving your money to a faceless association.

In some cases, you’ll even discover good conversation with people who have fallen through the cracks of the system. That said, you’ll wish to be cautious in your method too.

Your mental health and emotional health are intertwined. How you handle information is equally as important as how you emotionally respond to it. It’s crucial that you understand this. Provide your mind favorable information. Where your interest goes, your energy goes.
If your recognition embarks on social media and reviewing unkind comments, you’ll be stressed out and end up being vindictive too. Your mind and thoughts will be congested with drama, argument and deception.

If you spend your time checking out good books and helping yourself to move on in life, you’ll feel a perception of fulfillment because your life seems more purposeful. That’s how you protect your mental and emotional wellbeing.
” You can’t have a positive life and a negative mind.”– Joyce Meyer.

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