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Hello, Bill Hildebrand here, and I am going to start this video with an intriguing question. What is the 7th highest cause of death in the United States? It is pharmaceutical drugs taken as recommended. Does that surprise you?

Did you know that some trending research finds that 31% of consumers are purchasing more items tailored for their health, and 50% report a preference for foods and beverages that naturally contain beneficial ingredients? Consumers are seeking a more harmonious relationship with nature through food and drink, as well as creating a balance within the mind.

Did you know that you could treat about every health issue using natural health methods without the side effects and could even remedy many of them instead of just treating the symptoms?

Well, you do not have to imagine it anymore. With our E-Learning Natural Health Courses Program, you can find out all about the natural health approach to getting healthy, staying healthy, or in cases of some health issues remedying them for good.

How would you like to become a Natural Health expert without having to do an ounce of research yourself? If you would love to become the natural health guru for your family, then stay tuned because you are in the right place.

Would you even know where to begin or who the people are that you could confidently trust to enlighten you with current scientifically backed information?

We know that many of you out there, especially mothers with children are feeling overwhelmed these days. Perhaps you’re homeschooling or are now working your job at home. That puts an enormous burden on your time with having to also do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. That adds up to more than a full-time job.

What we are offering in our E-Learning Natural Health Courses Membership Program is a library of all aspects of natural health. We are going to be covering topics that range from healthy eating with tips for finding sources of natural organic food, healthy recipes, and meal planning.  Discover simple steps for keeping your immune system healthy, detoxifying your body, and learning how to manage stress and anxiety. Add in exercise workouts you can do at home with organizing a home fitness program. Explore successful weight loss techniques, anti-aging, skincare, and so much more.

The advantages of using natural health approaches and techniques to not only get healthy but to build your health to peak levels versus what you get from mainstream medicine today are numerous. First and foremost, natural health looks for the causes of health problems and then helps to remedy the issue. Most natural health techniques have no side effects from the treatment because as it says, these are natural approaches to health using things like herbal remedies, or food remedies, or combinations of other natural approaches to solving health issues.

We already know the approach that mainstream medicine uses and that is typically finding out the symptoms of what you are experiencing and then prescribing a bunch of expensive medications that simply try to relieve those symptoms but never try to remedy the health issue. Also, surgery and other dangerous procedures are their answer, when in many cases they are not necessary or end up not helping overall.

Did you know that type 2 diabetes causes more than 3 million deaths worldwide annually? Yet did you know that type 2 diabetes is reversible? When have you ever heard that from mainstream medicine? Instead, they prescribe a bunch of dangerous drugs that in many cases either do not work or cease to work after a while and come with those dangerous side effects.

Many naturopathic physicians have had incredible success getting diabetics off those medications and helped these people start to lead a normal healthy life again. Most of the time they did this by helping the patient release weight if they were obese, teaching them how to eat a healthy diet, and start a proper exercise program.

So not only does natural health begin to remedy your health issues, but it also saves you lots of money because the treatment does not involve expensive answers. Usually, there are no side effects so you do not have to deal with all those nasty things, which if you read about them, should scare the heck out of you.

I am going to deal with this subject a little bit more later in the video but first I would like to introduce myself and my business partner so you know a little bit about the authors of these courses and why you can trust the information we share.

My business partner Tom and I have both been dyed-in-the-wool practicers of using natural health methods for over 30 years to achieve peak health and maintain it to this day. Notice I said practicers, not practitioners of natural health.

Neither of us are doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, chiropractors, or any of the other health practitioners out there today. We feel that gives you a big advantage to learn from real people who live and breathe natural health techniques.

But I do have 39 years of experience in the health field. With my BS degree in Medical Technology, I worked in a large hospital laboratory for 7 years before transitioning to a medical sales representative for over 30 years.

The wonderful thing about my medical technology education was that I learned all about what makes the body work on the inside, which is what got me so interested in natural health to begin with. That and my time working as a sales rep and spending many hours in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices convinced me that mainstream medicine just was not doing much to get or keep people healthy.

Tom is certified as a Life Coach, Wholistic Health Coach, Life Story Coach, and Keto Nutrition Health Coach, and author. He has coached one-on-one and in group settings for the past several years.
Together with his 25+ year study in positive mindset psychology and its relation to health, he is passionate about sharing the message of how the thoughts we think direct healthful habits and their results.
We will share powerful information that will help you transform your life and reach your goal for healthy weight management. Welcome aboard, and enjoy!



To do well in all areas of your life, you simply must make your health a priority. Without good health, everything else in life suffers.  I highly recommend this Long Life League site because Bill and Tom bring such an incredible amount of knowledge and lay it out for us in well documented and easy to understand modules. The courses take us on a proven path to extend our years by maximizing our health to the fullest. Priceless!! 


Now that you know a little bit about us, I want to make it clear that we are not criticizing any of these health professionals. Much of what they do in their practices is dictated by the government and the insurance companies that pay them. All these health professionals must go to universities to learn how to practice their professions. So how do you think most of them do that? By recommending what they learned out of a book that was outdated or was influenced by a particular partisan party.

Why do you think most doctors shovel out tons of prescriptions for medicines that only treat symptoms but never address the underlying cause of the patient’s condition. That is the way they are taught in medical school because of the money and influence of “big pharma”.

Or why do you think many dieticians today still use the USDA food chart or the newer My Plate program to recommend the types of food we should eat which leans heavily on foods produced from grains and who still often try to shun fats? Most of those grains have been sprayed with chemicals like Roundup which is a glyphosate-based herbicide. Most of these grains are also now grown using GMO seeds. Who do you think influenced that chart? If you guessed “big agriculture” you would be right. (We feel both the chart and the new program should be reversed if you want healthy eating habits.)

There is more. All these health-related practices are highly influenced by big business that gets bigger every year. Almost all of the food that you find in your supermarket comes from multi-billion-dollar conglomerates that have squeezed out all the smaller producers. These large companies lobby government with thousands of lobbyists for their interests, not yours.

Also, look at “Big Pharma”. They are all multi-billion dollar goliaths that pump out medications all with bad side effects and charge confiscatory prices doing it. Why do you think they get away with this? Because the FDA, which regulates these rogues, is nothing but a swinging door between that agency and the pharmaceutical industry. It is like the fox guarding the henhouse. Did you also know that most all pharmaceutical drugs used in the US are manufactured and imported from China? The US has virtually no pharmaceutical manufacturing left here in this country.

You get the point. Tom and I follow the real practicers of natural health, many of who have lived their entire lives studying and practicing these healing techniques. Many of them are researchers or insist that the information they talk about is backed up by properly performed research studies that were not influenced by outside interests.

That is why in many of the courses that we will present to you, we will provide the list of scientific studies that back up the information we are providing.

There are, of course, many more reasons why you should hear about this course membership program.

In our E-Learning Natural Health Course Membership Program, you will find courses covering every aspect of health as I outlined earlier in this video. Here are a few of them again.

  • You will learn about eating a proper healthy diet that will include many types of food, but food that also tastes great.
  • You will find out how to make sure your immune system does not get compromised and how to keep it at peak performance. With what is going on in the world right now that is immensely important.
  • You will learn about alternative medicines and techniques that are more effective at actually being a remedy for many conditions, not just something that treats the symptoms.
  • You will learn how to set up a home fitness program that will help you get and maintain a healthy weight, and shape your body up to look like an athlete.
  • You will find many secrets to anti-aging so you can lead a long and disease-free lifestyle assuring your golden years are not spent in misery and pain.

We do not stop at the physical aspects of health either. We will help you with psychological issues and help you learn how to reduce stress and anxiety with practices such as meditation. Did you know that if you happen to suffer from chronic emotional stress, medical professionals now understand that you can damage all your major organs? That is dangerous living!

I could go on and on about all the benefits you will find in our course program, but I do not want to give away all the secrets.

One thing you will like about this program is that we are limiting the courses to one per month. We believe that you should have time to not only consume the material that we give you but also to have time to put it into action. We do not want to overwhelm you with so much information that you cannot enjoy all the benefits that you can get from it.

That would be like having a whole room full of exercise equipment but not being able to use it.

The courses are designed with mixed content so you will find some videos, some written content, and visual content such as infographics or helpful photos.

After a course has been released, you will have lifetime access to that information as a member, so you can always go back to previous courses if you want to refresh your memory about a certain topic.

The courses are presented in a very usable format starting with an introduction to that course, then on to Modules, Chapters, and Lessons in some cases, and Modules and Lessons in other cases. The software keeps track of what you have completed so you can return at any time to find where you left off in the course if not completed yet.

In all the courses, we will include some extra resources like bonus material. It may be in the form of a PDF report or guide, an infographic that you could print out and keep handy for reference, or a checklist that will help you with some task that the course recommends.

We will also reward members with a couple of weekly emails in which we will provide some nice gifts such as a special report, guides, checklists, or a good article about current natural health information.

I hope you can see how the knowledge you can gain from these courses can empower you to improve and maintain top health for both you and your family. Just the disease prevention aspects alone will save you loads of money and doctor visits.

You might be wondering by now what will this membership cost? You will find that it is  affordable considering the amount and usability of the information provided in each course. We've seen sources that would charge you $97 for one report that only provides a fraction of what you would get in one of our courses.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the information in our courses, feel free to read some of  the testimonials from people who are current members.

Since we are early in the launch of our E-learning Natural Health Course Program we have set the price at $47 per month. We will be increasing that price to $67 per month in the future so if you signup now you will lock in that price for as long as you remain a member. You can cancel anytime if you do not find that you are getting the benefit you need from the courses. Just remember, we are only releasing one course each month so you have plenty of time to consume the information in the course.

We are also offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this program. Anytime within the first 14 days after you buy your membership, send us an email and we will process your refund ASAP.

Click on one of the Buy Now buttons you see down below. Once you have completed the payment you will be taken to a registration page where you can register to get a username and password to access the membership program.

If you have any problems with any of these steps, please contact support at the support tab in the menu or the footer of the website.

And that’s not all. We would like to add a valuable bonus gift when you purchase your membership today. It is an E-book entitled “Power of Taking Action” that addresses a bundle of the issues that we are all subjected to today. After I read it, I felt like it was a guide for how to lead a wonderful healthy life.

Here are just a couple of topics that are addressed in the book.

  • Features of attainable goals
  • Sources of motivation
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Identifying your stressors
  • Change your mindset
  • Many, many, more

I truly believe this is a book you will treasure and want to pass on to your kids. We will send a link to the bonus E-book in the thank you email you will receive from us after your purchase.

 Thank you for your time and consideration. Remember your investment in your wellness and well-being is guaranteed with our 14-day money back, no questions asked, guarantee.  We are here to serve you and answer your questions to the best of our ability. Find one of the Buy Now buttons below, click on it to be taken to the Payment page. From there you will be taken to the Registration page where you can register to get your username and password. You will then get immediate access to the courses program.

ATTENTION PLEASE: We just added a new purchase option for those who would like to save some money. Below you will see 2 options to purchase the E-Learning Natural Health Course Membership. We are now offering both the monthly payment plan for $47/mo. but also an annual payment plan where you can save $94.00 by purchasing the annual membership plan. Thank you.

E-Learning Natural Health Course Membership Monthly

Access a new Natural Health Course Each Month. A new course will be sent every 30 days unless canceled. The courses are all about different aspects of Natural Health and have very actionable steps you can take to improve and maintain your health.





Save $94.00 or 2 monthly payments by purchasing the annual subscription membership!


Access a new Natural Health Course Each Month. A new course will be sent every 30 days unless canceled. The courses are all about different aspects of Natural Health and have very actionable steps you can take to improve and maintain your health.






With my career in radiology, I have a deep interest in good health and longevity. There is a lot of information online about natural health, and so much of it is misinformation. The Long Life League membership and related courses meet my high expectations as a trustworthy source of practical and well-researched information. And with a son and daughter who are very active in sports, a busy family schedule, and a busy work schedule, I want to make sure we stay active and healthy. I know I’ll use all the information I’ve learned and continue to learn with Long Life League Courses to keep our immune systems strong and vibrant!

Jesica Langer,  Wyoming

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