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Thank you for your interest in taking our Natural Health Quiz. We know you will enjoy taking it and finding out where you rank from beginner to expert about this wonderful healing health area.

Below you will find your download button to get the free workbook that was promised to you.

We have been using natural health methods for many years because we realized that mainstream medicine has long ago really abandoned the idea of really healing people but instead had sold out to the pharmaceutical companies who just provide products that treat symptoms but rarely ever totally heal the underlying problems.

If you are a person who has some interest in natural health methods, then you probably already know about all the problems with the current health system and would like to learn more about this fascinating subject. That is what our website is about. We started Long Life League to provide people with information about a number of aspects of natural health and to offer people some programs that can help them with their current health issues or learn to help others such as family members or friends.

So feel free to visit our website and check out some of the posts. Our website is fairly new so it does not have loads of information just yet but we will continue to add more each week.

Again, thank you for showing interest in taking our quiz. We promise to let you know the minute it is up and running and available. That will be quite soon, I am sure.

Here is the download button to get your free workbook. It is best to right-click on the DOWNLOAD button and select the “save file” or “save file as” depending on which browser you are using. The next step is to choose where you want the file saved. The desktop is a good choice because it will then be easy to find. This is a word text file so it should be easily readable and editable in the parts that let you write your information. I hope you enjoy using the workbook. 

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Long Life League founders,

Tom and Bill

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