Thank You for Purchasing the E-Learning Natural Health Courses Program!

We are so excited and thankful to have you here in the courses membership. As you know you will be receiving a new course each month. The mix of courses will cover many different niches of  Natural Health Practices.  We think you will like the schedule of one course per month so that you get an adequate time frame to really digest the information and take action on it if that is required. Plus, we want you to know that you will have access to all of the courses that you receive as long as you are a member. So if you need to go back to review, the courses are there for you to easily find. If you run into any issues, you will find both a contact us and a support tab in the menu. 

Just one more important step to get to the first course.  Click on the link below that says Register.  This is where you will create your account with your email and a password so you can get access to the courses. Fill out the registration form, and when you click the register now button, it should take you to the first course. Be sure to save your username (your email) and your password because you will use those later when you want to login to the courses program.       REGISTER

**Note: If you see anywhere in emails or other communication saying download the course, please ignore, because the courses are not downloadable. They are meant to be consumed online and cannot be shared with others. Within the courses you will find some downloadable resources, and of course those can be downloaded with no problem. Thank you.

Long Life League

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