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Thank you for registering with our Long Life League Community. You can download your free report entitled "101 Things To Do When You Turn 50" down below. Just a note, you don't have to wait till you turn 50 to do many of these things.

Here are just a few directions to help you download the report and make sure you get it with no problems so you can start enjoying it right away:

Right click on the Get Report Button below. You should see a box pop up with either a "save file" or "save file as" choice depending on which browser you are using. Click on that and another box should be visible which will ask you where you want to save the file. One of the best places to save to is your desktop, but I will leave that up to you. Once you have picked the place to save, click save and the download should start. If you left click on the Get Report Button, the download will most likely start immediately but you will not get a choice as to where to save it. It will most likely go to your downloads folder. 

The report is in PDF format so you need a PDF reader to open and read the report. Most computers already have the app to do this but if you don't you can get the free one by clicking here:       Please check, if you download this reader there may be a couple of boxes on the download page that may be checked that will download those additional programs as well. Uncheck them before you click to download the reader.

Just a quick NOTE:  If you have some interest in learning more about natural health remedies and techniques, we have a membership program where we provide a new course once each month about a natural health topic. We cover all aspects of natural health including proper eating habits, your immune system health, home exercise programs, mental health topics to help with stress and anxiety, detoxing your body, curing food cravings, proper food diets using organic foods, and lots more. If you would like to find out all about how it works and all the details click the following link:   Natural Health Courses

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